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Small Business Assessment Services

A business assessment profile is the first step a savvy business owner takes to help assess opportunities and deal with issues that confront him or her. It has an impact on the company’s growth.

The purpose of a small business assessment profile is to provide the business owner with an assessment tool of business drivers from different perspectives. The business drivers are interrelated. They affect the finance, marketing, operations, people, and sales of the business. Looking at perspectives from the past, the present, and the future helps focus and prioritize areas of high impact that provide the best return for efforts put forth.

Analyzing a company’s past performance is the place to begin. Data comes from the balance sheets and profit and loss statements of the current and past two years. This data serves as a benchmark of a company’s financial performance.

The current-view perspective focuses on challenges and issues that a company presently faces. With the help of a business adviser, the business person provides background information that will aid in gaining a better understanding and a keener insight into the internal structure of the business.

The forward-view perspective focuses on the vision a business owner has for the company and the desired results. Discussion with a business adviser consists of discussing current challenges the business faces. It is also an opportunity to discuss the goals, dreams, and hopes for the business.

Feedback from a business adviser gives the business owner an insightful, broad overview of the business. The feedback, along with personal involvement in the process, clarifies the direction needed to obtain the vision.

The discussion will reveal the importance of balancing tactical and strategic goals and balancing the core function of people, operations, sales, marketing, and finance. The assessment informs the business owner of past progress, highlights areas in need of attention, and provides a foundation for the development of solid strategies moving forward. The assessment bridges the gap between a company’s current situation and desired positions in the future.

A small business assessment of a company is a crucial in-depth resource for business owners. The presentation and study of a company’s strengths and weaknesses, growth potential, and competition occurs. The profile examines locations and subsidiaries, major services and products, the company’s history and business operations.

By having a business assessment done, a business owner gains a better understanding of external and internal factors and insight into the marketplace that impacts the industry. Understanding competitors’ businesses increase the activities and sales of the business person’s company. Potential suppliers and partnerships become apparent.


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small business assessment services