Small Business Consulting Services

Strategic Planning

We work closely together with each client to develop their strategic planning for all present and future business.   Emphasis is on developing their strategic objectives while decreasing costs and maximizing market potential.  Restructure the financial and reporting methods to give management the tools to operate business efficiently and effectively.  Assess all aspects of operations with a view to improve performance which translates into improved margins

Business Coaching

Coaching business owners of small and medium sized business with their sales and marketing along with building their management skills to maximize objectives within their business endeavours. Having a trusted and experience proven advisor is a major asset for any entrepreneur.

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Management Coaching

Management consulting is the practice of helping small businesses improve their performance, through the evaluation of existing organizational problems. Once analyzed, Radix Consulting can develop a plan and process for improvement.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

We have the accounting and bookkeeping systems and expertise in place to handle client requirements, either on site or satellite controls to satisfy all clients needs.

Financial Reporting and Modeling

Developing the correct financial reports and understanding this information in a way that will allow management to use the information to its optimal conclusion is paramount in the improvement of management skills.

These will form the mainstay of services that Radix Consulting Inc. will avail to its client base.


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