Small Business Consulting

Each and every business is individually unique and brings with it challenges that can be re-directed to achieve optimum results with a small business consultant.


Radix Consulting is a full service firm providing Business Consulting Services.  We are dedicated to working with you to achieve the success of your small to medium size business. Our staff is professional, knowledgeable, and experienced business consultants.  Our consulting services range from the basic strategic planning to more overpowering jobs, such as a complete business refit or rebuilding.


Radix Consulting brings years of successful experience in small business and the properly vetted systems know-how to achieve these results.  RCI has a reputation based upon the customer-centric approach to consulting, a relative anomaly in the world of high profile consulting. Many consultants are trained to believe they are right and the client was put on this earth to learn from the consultant. That is not the case for RCI, as the management team takes a different tact. The small business consultant acts as an interviewer, learning all that is possible to learn about the client.   Then working together with the client builds upon its business challenges and re-direct these into objectives that will maximize both operational and financial opportunities.


Accounting                            Business Plans                                  Loan Presentation
Business Coaching               Business Rebuilding                        Marketing Plans
Business Consulting            Business Troubleshooting              Projections and Forecasts
Business Financing              Cash Flow Analysis                          Strategic Plans


What is your next move?  Your company offers valuable products or services that clients want, but you don’t have the time or the internal talent to improve your operation and achieve the profitability you desire. We can provide critical insights and identify an effective strategy that will help make your business more profitable and purposeful.

We offer top quality small business consulting services, delivered with personal attention, at an affordable price. Call or e-mail us to find out how we can help you drive your business to a new level of success


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